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Gain the knowledge of time-honored practices that’ll empower your family to embrace a sustainable, toxin-free, joyful, and liberated life!

Howdy, I’m Haven

My mission is to empower families by sharing the wisdom of time-honored practices. I am dedicated to guiding others towards a sustainable, toxin-free, joyful, and liberated lifestyle. With a deep sense of purpose, I have become a beacon of knowledge, providing families with the tools and insights they need to make conscious choices that enhance their well-being and protect the environment. It brings me immense joy to witness the positive impact I have on people’s lives as I help transform their homes into havens of sustainable living.

Together, we are creating a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.

Classes & Workshops

My classes are designed to empower you to embrace a sustainable, toxin-free life through the transformative power of diet and gardening. We believe that by gaining an understanding of traditional methods and incorporating them into our modern lives, we can create a harmonious balance with nature while nurturing our own well-being.


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